Download Tango Chat App for iPhone and Android 2018



Download Tango Chat App for iPhone and Android 2018

Tango app is a really cool video calling app and what’s great about it is that not only can you call from an iPhone to an iPhone or from an Android to an Android, but you can also cross platforms.

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Tango Messenger partnership with Inmoji

Tango partnership with Inmoji. The deal is a multi-year partnership between the two parties that will allow full integration of the emoji platform that belongs to Inmoji into Tango. This new feature will help the 400 million users of Tango

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Tango on web

Tango has recently launched a web version of the chatting app that everyone can use to carry on their mobile conversations through the comfort of the more convenient keyboards and the much bigger screens of desktops or laptops. Easy to

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Download Tango and use its largest GIF database ever!


Tango with the largest GIF database ever! Tango, The popular Indian messaging platform once known as a great alternative for Skype, has faced a not so little slump lately and now is hoping that its most recent GIF keyboard will be

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Tango Messenger App introduced Updates


If you like trying new options regarding smartphone messaging apps then you should consider Tango app. The app is completely free and you will find a great fun in communicating with millions of people using the same platform. The app

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Tango for your New Samsung Galaxy S7


Tango for your new Samsung Galaxy S7: The release date of this S7 will be on March 11. The pre-order retail prices of Samsung Galaxy S7 on AT&T website is going at US$694.99, US$669.99 on T-Mobile’s website with a free

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