Download Tango Chat App for iPhone and Android 2018


Download Tango Chat App for iPhone and Android 2018

Tango app is a really cool video calling app and what’s great about it is that not only can you call from an iPhone to an iPhone or from an Android to an Android, but you can also cross platforms.

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Tango Messenger App introduced Updates


If you like trying new options regarding smartphone messaging apps then you should consider Tango app. The app is completely free and you will find a great fun in communicating with millions of people using the same platform. The app

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Download Tango v3.19 Apk and enjoy new Features


The TangoMe, Inc has developed “Tango”, a cross platform application software in 2009. It was primarily designed towards android devices but due to demands it is also compatible with iOS, windows phone 7, and Personal Computers. Today you can download its

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Tango App Features


Tango is normally a messaging application, just like the other well-known apps such as WhatsApp and Kik. Tango appears to have about a million features, and explains as one of the best social networking application. By using Tango, you can enjoy

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12th Most Popular Downloaded App at Android Market

Tango Video Calls App

Messaging applications, very soon to overtake the social networking Media-news to leave the CEOs of the most popular social networking sites like facebook and twitter to leave aghast. The mobile messaging applications are poised to be the audience platform in

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