Tango App Features

Tango is normally a messaging application, just like the other well-known apps such as WhatsApp and Kik. Tango appears to have about a million features, and explains as one of the best social networking application. By using Tango, you can enjoy many features like, text chat, video calls, share pictures, videos and play games, as well as send out songs to friends. With more than 160 million signed up users, you can tango up with more than 50 people at once.

Multi-Platform Feature

Tango is a multi-platform app, which means you can use it with other friends who are using various kinds of devices.  As an example, if all of your buddies are using Apple devices, you need to use iMessage. Although, suppose someone comes with a  Windows phone  or an Android phone or has no smartphone? iMessage will never perform. Tango app is usually accessible for Android tablets and phones, IOS devices as well as PC’s and Windows phones.

Music And Games

Throughout a video chat, you are able to send out animation, share songs utilizing Spotify and also you are able to enjoy games whilst chatting  using the app. You will find filters where you can include improving the images you send out, and also, the filters to put awesome effects throughout a video chat.

Location And Privacy

Actually, Your Tango user profile is public by default. There is actually a feature called “find friends nearby”  which makes use of location services to locate other Tango people close to you.  You are able to arrange your user profile to personal and you may switch off location services of the Tango Application if you don’t like to utilize these features.

The Popular People Feature of Tango App

There’s a page known as “Popular People” that allows you entry to some other Tango profiles. This seems to be largely younger males and females, and also contains a filter in case you simply want to find men or  women. This is really a cool feature of Tango app.

In-App Purchase feature

The Tango app service is normally free of charge, but you can find more options you can include as in-app purchases.  As an example, within a call, you can send out animation to good friends and you can purchase for them in just $1.99. Actually, you can find a feature named Tango Premium Discovery. Using this, you can chat with your close friends in just $9.99 each month.

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Tango App Features

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