Tango is the Perfect Solution for a Free Messaging App

In this new age of getting connected via messaging applications, Tango is the perfect solution for a free messaging app. It is an all-in-one messaging tool, which also offers voice and video calls facility, free game playing options, opportunity of sharing several files, such as — images, sound clips, videos and many more to the friends and family members. The user can send gifts to his or her loved ones via this program. In special occasions, Tango lets the users to give personalized greetings to their near and dear ones. While playing games in this software, a person can challenge any one of his or her friends on the same game. It offers at about 30 featured games.

Fun experience with Tango

Every game comes with a leader board and every user can climb up in that board while playing the game. Getting on top of the leader board is something extremely special and proves the talent of the player. Texting as well as calling with Tango is always a fun experience. This is because, it offers several fun animations and these are helping someone to make the message chatting or calling experience much more interesting and funny. One of the most striking features of this free application is that while attending a voice call, the user can play a mini game. The caller and the recipient both can join in the game. Moreover, the user can share photos during a call session. These are extremely uncommon features with respect to other such programs in the market.

Tango History

In the month of September and in the year of 2009, Tango has started its journey. Since then its growing higher and higher and now it possesses more than 200 million users under its belt. It is compatible with almost every type of mobile phones in the market, ranging from android smart phones to Apple iPhones, Blackberry handsets to Windows mobiles. It is even compatible with Kindle Fire, iPads, tablets and many more. Computer and laptop users can also employ it for fulfilling their personal needs. It can work easily in different platforms and under different networks. It is well-suited with several opting systems, both for mobiles and computers. It offers photo editing facilities as well, and it is possible because it has a partnership Aviary. With the every passing day, this program is becoming the social networking platform for its users. It is available in 14 different languages which help it to cater more and more users around the globe.

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Tango is the Perfect Solution for a Free Messaging App

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