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Download Tango for Free for PC, Nokia, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Firefox OS, Mac, and iPad. 

Free Features:

  1. Messages: 1 to 1 & group chat.
  2. Video & Voice Calls: High quality voice & video calls on 3G, 4G, & Wi-Fi. Photo Sharingsocial.
  3. Find New Friends: Meet people nearby or people you may know, and make new friends with anyone in the world.
  4. Photo Sharing: Personalize your profile with photos, and comment & like other people’s photos. Share photos in the News Feed and during calls.
  5. Animated Surprises: Personalize your calls & messages with fun animations.
  6. Channels: Discover great content from your favorite brands.
  7. Music: Discover, listen & share songs powered by Spotify.
  8. Games: Challenge friends, send gifts, & climb leaderboards.

Unlike most other such messaging applications, Tango helps everyone to find out the person whom he or she might know. It is available on the “People You May Know” category, where the user can see the friends of his or her friends and find out someone known. With the help of this software, it is becoming an exceedingly easy task to make friends all over the world.

As it is compatible for the computers as well, so someone can make voice calls from the computers too. It assists users to find out new song clips, listen and share them with friends. This feature, which is extremely unique among free messaging applications, is powered by Spotify. This software is undoubtedly creating a new era in the category of messaging apps. It is truly hard to find out any other such feature-loaded tool in this category as that like of Tango.

Download here.

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Download Tango for Free

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