Marine Adventure Puzzle Game for Tango

Tango has unveiled their latest and most interesting puzzle game ever! It is called the Marine Adventure. This is an interesting and fun game that takes you all the way through the deepness of the entire ocean world. With this 3 puzzle game, you will have the opportunity of playing with smiling fish that will smile and interrelate with you.

Tango puzzle game

This new Tango puzzle game is second to none and fun game that features fun bubble pop sounds, attractive animated graphics, and comforting surroundings music. This is without doubt a beautiful game that is delightful to all and sundry. Play more than 200 levels on 22 dazzling maps that reveal to you diverse sides of the sea world.

Your thoughts will be totally unlocked from below the sea to even high up in the sky with Marine Adventure. You will absolutely feel affection for this new Tango match 3 puzzle game, if you take pleasure in games such as Frozen or Jelly Splash, Bubble Witch Saga, and Candy Crush Saga.

Arise and play with the most delightful and stylish fishes in the Marine Adventure – an addictive and fun match 3 puzzle game! One great thing about these fishes is that they can make funny noises, make faces and even smile to you to make you feel like going into a Disney fairytale.

This is the right time to demonstrate your match 3 skills with these charming fishes in Marine Adventure. Looking at the incredible marine world, gather different types of pretty fishes and other sea animals and win remarkable rewards to play more!

Google Play

All you need to enjoy this wonderful game is to visit Google Play and download Tango Marine Adventure for free. All the Smartphone and tablets users can now download the Puzzle app without paying a dime. Bear in mind that the free app is available for download on Google Play for android gadgets such as HTC One, LG-LU3000, Galaxy Tab, and many other Android gadgets.

This game is designed for you if you are fond of earning bonus points and receiving rewards and high scores. The Tango Marine Adventure takes you all the way through the pits of an entertaining filled ocean world. Swing into action with this breathtaking match 3 puzzle game by downloading the app today!

You can save dolphins, fishes, and other water animals by matching a minimum of 3 fishes of the same color vertically or horizontally in Tango Marine Adventure. You will be able to unlock special abilities and items including tridents, rainbows, and rockets as you stride through the game that help you move to completely new and magnificent worlds. As these fishes journey with you from the depths of the seven seas to levels that take place high in the skies, they will smile and interrelate with you.

Consequently, what are you waiting for? Put your puzzling skills to test by vying against your friends on the ranked leader boards! This is a match-3 puzzle game that will beat your imagination as with calming background music, dazzling graphics, and more than 200 levels that were laid out across 22 different world maps.

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Marine Adventure Puzzle Game for Tango

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