Grab the Current Tango APK v3 While it is Hot!

The reason Tango messaging app is popular and well-known is that it helps people to communicate and stay connected with others. Tango has stepped up by introducing the APK file, which is referred to as v3.17.158950. This current APK file was submitted for its final upgrade on the first of June, this current year. Hence, take hold of it while it is still hot!

With this new development, you can enjoy the following functions:

  • You can gain from In-app buys
  • APK file recognizes the archives of your handset
  • It is capable of reading all network connections
  • It enhances fast Internet connection
  • With APK file aka 17.158950, you have video and audio calls at your disposal
  • It can send and receive MMS and SMS as well as web info
  • It modifies the content on your SD card
  • You can use it for the modification of the sound options
  • This new feature will not put the gadget in SLEEP mode

This application that comes from Tango Inc. was originally launched on the market in 2009. The fact that users can initiate voice calls, group messaging, video call and chats is what makes Tango messaging app so unique.

Back in 2014, Alibaba Company invested US$215 million on Tango messenger application and this was the push it needed to strive. Tango also revealed its 200 million user base together with its 70 million users who activate their accounts on a monthly basis, while this affair took place. As a matter of fact, Tango messenger app has managed somehow to stay on top of competition through its own devotees, despite that it has less user than the Viber and LINE applications.

All about Tango Inc

Tango Incorporation was set up in 2009 in Mountain View, CA. Uri Raz in conjunction and partnership with Eric Setton.


Tango has an incomparable technology that actually tightens videos and also has the wonderful ways and means of providing consumers with what they need for low budget infrastructure expenses. The infrastructure behind this technology is not a costly one and consumers get to experience the best services, even if the services are at high standards.

The mastermind behind all of this is Eric Setton, while Uri Taz’s concepts have also assisted Tango messaging app to be a hit in the market. Tango app is well-received in China and it is also growing on the English population.

The Newest Version

The v3 is the newest version available for Tango messaging app. If you wish to have this newest version installed on your Android device, simply download it. The notification center of the app was upgraded recently, many more languages have been added and the video calling experience has been updated as well. Have a look to see!

Download the newest tango app

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Grab the Current Tango APK v3 While it is Hot!

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