Tango Music Pix Review

The world of apps gets bigger and bigger with each passing day and it means that users will keep on getting more choices. A standalone ‘music remix’ app from Tango has grabbed quite an attention as Tango which is known for its attention on games is here to push itself in sharing of the photos. This standalone ‘music remix’ app was landed by Tango for the US users. So what is Tango Music Pix all about?

This is an app which enables the users to create a slideshow of images and the main point here is this could be set to music. The tunes are from Spotify which sharing partnership with Tango is already what Spotify has. Speaking about the end result, it is not unlike Snapchat’s ‘Stories’ feature. This is something which allows the users to cobble together images from a day in life of theirs. It may be worth mentioning that this has gained more popularity that the disappearing photos from the service.

First spotter by Musically, the app is available only in the USA App Store and for now is iOS only. You are asked to select as many as ten images from the camera roll of yours initially by this app. Then for the background a 30-second music clip is picked up by you. Though you can go for the option of creating a slideshow which is not with the music, the description of this app brings out how Tango has been placing heavy focus on the music side of the things.

The creation of yours is ready for sharing once you have content and music. Sharing could be done to the Tango profile page of yours or even into a chat conversation directly. These are not the only ways to share as there are also options to post to Facebook or post to Twitter. Otherwise there is also an option of going all web 1.0 and via email sharing could be done or the link could be copied for pasting somewhere else.

A lot of cues have been taken by Tango from apps like Line and Kakao talk which are Asian messaging apps and there are standalone music apps of both of these services in their own home countries. Given that the focus is on curating as well as on sharing photos, this app definitely feels more like Snapchat, even though not that there is disappearing of those.

This app may be popular with the younger people as it could be used as a way to share photos of theirs from a weekend at a music festival. It could also be used for photos from a holiday or other important events. 25 million daily users is what it has is said by Tango and the number of registered users is 200 million and its biggest market is the US even though it has not mentioned there how many users it has. The focus on content is what is been seen ramping up by the company.  As far as appearance of the app outside of the US goes, there is no immediate word on this in terms of whether it will be there outside of US or when. It is also not known whether there will be an Android version of this.

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Tango Music Pix Review

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